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LED School Sign

For more than 10 years, JYLED has been insisting on the research, development and production of LED school signs. Not only do we have a variety of styles and functions to choose from, but we also design products with economic performance, low maintenance costs, and clear pictures.

Customize your LED sign

The various advantages of LED school signs make it an important channel for schools to establish information transmission for parents and students.
Below are various LED school signs. Choose the type that you think is most suitable. You can contact us at any time for customization.

Monochrome School Sign
Monochrome School Sign

The monochrome LED school sign is the product with the highest brightness among all LED school sign series. Common monochrome LED school sign colors are red, as well as green, blue and white.

Graphic Show School Sign
Graphic Show School Sign

Graphic Show LED school sign can display pictures, text, videos and other content, and is a product commonly used in schools. Its advantages are uniform color and high cost performance.

Time Display School Signs
Time Display School Sign

The time display LED school sign can display the time accurately and synchronously, which is very useful for some time-related activities or reminding students to attend class.

Temperature Monitoring School Signs
Temperature Monitoring School Sign

The temperature monitoring LED school sign has a built-in temperature sensor, which can monitor the outdoor temperature in real time and display it on the screen. If necessary, humidity, night and day sensors can also be installed to achieve more special effects.

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The advantage introduce of LED school signs

waterproof icon
Not afraid of wind & rain

LED school signs have a deep waterproof and dust-sealing function. When used outdoors, there is no need to worry about being eroded by wind and rain. And its high brightness prevents it from being affected by sunlight when displayed.

Extensive Use icon
Complete Range

We can produce various LED school signs based on customer preferences and apply them to different materials, such as stone piers, monuments, steel brackets, columns, etc.

Flexibility icon
Complete styles

You can choose single-color, two-color or full-color styles, and you can also add various functions according to the required colors, such as synchronous display of temperature, humidity, time and other information.

Diverse Shapes icon

In addition to basic information display, the use of LED school signs can also serve as a notification medium to direct students to evacuate as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.

Why Choose JYELD School Logo

As the source LED display manufacturer, JYLED eliminates the middlemen to earn the price difference. You can get a high-quality LED school sign at a more affordable price.

After purchasing our products, you can also enjoy continuous attentive service. No matter what problems you encounter, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Various Types Of LED School Signs
Sarasota School Placed LED School Sign

Witness the excellent quality of JYLED school signs for ten years

JYLED has provided high-quality LED school signs for primary schools, middle schools and universities around the world for many years. Many educational institutions have purchased and used JYLED school signs and have been running them for decades without any failures. This is the outstanding quality of JYLED’s LED school signs.


LED school signs build a bridge between schools and parents

LED school signs can achieve:

  • Whenever parents come to school to pick up their children, they can see students who have won awards. If their children win awards, it is undoubtedly the best thing.
  • Celebrate important anniversaries of the school, such as the 10th anniversary and the 20th anniversary.
  • Notify or arrange students’ vacation time so that parents can understand it at a glance.
  • When holding some campus meetings or event meetings, you can mark the time on the screen.
LED School Sign In Monument Form
What are the benefits of investing in LED school signs?

The biggest benefit of LED school signs is its one-to-many characteristics. For example, for some notification information, we do not need to publicize it one by one.

We can directly let students entering and leaving the campus view the content of the LED school sign , and the information can be conveyed in place simply and conveniently.

Furthermore, LED school signs can also play a role in publicizing the status of the school, which not only plays a very important role in school enrollment and traffic flow, but also saves a lot of advertising costs.

Why do LED school signs need to be used more widely than LCD signs?

The first and most important point is that LCD signs cannot be seen clearly due to insufficient brightness outdoors, while LED school signs can easily reach a brightness of more than 5,000. If it is a single red LED school sign, it is no problem to reach a brightness of more than 7,000.

With such brightness, even under direct sunlight, the displayed picture is completely fine.

Secondly, because LCD cannot emit light by itself, it consumes more power than LED. Therefore, LED school signs are usually more widely used than LCD signs in schools, communities and other places.

What are the advantages of LED school signs in disseminating information?

The LED school sign can flexibly control information display. Not only can it continuously display text and images in a loop, it can also temporarily insert some other information for playback during the loop playback process. This is an advantage that many display devices don’t support.

Will LED school sign contents be tampered with?

Generally, there is no need to worry about this, because the LED school sign can usually update the content through a local computer or USB flash drive. Unless the USB flash drive or computer has been infected with a virus, the information content cannot be tampered with.


Can LED school signs be used indoors?

No problem at all. Although we show most of the outdoor scenes, outdoor LED school signs can also be used indoors. However, it is recommended to contact us in advance. We use indoor-specific modules for assembly, which will be more cost-effective.

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