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Rental LED Display

Rent LED Display displays to Make Events More Exciting!​

JYLED Professional rental LED display manufacturer, Provide high-quality rental displays for your events

Multiple Uses, Choose as You Like

Indoor Performance
Indoor Performance

With the wonderful display effect of the stage rental LED display, the atmosphere of the stage can be better rendered.

Outdoor Singing
Outdoor Singing

The stage rental LED display has many interfaces reserved, which can play sounds or display various wonderful pictures in conjunction with outdoor concert equipment.

Stage Wall
Background Wall

Another unique feature of rental LED display screens is that they can serve as background walls for events, such as stages, weddings, press conferences, etc.

Decorative Floor
Decorative Floor

The colorful ground can maximize the charm of the stage and cooperate with the performers’ movements to achieve better performance effects.

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Professional LED Display Manufacturer

JYLED has 14 years of experience in LED display production, providing you with a variety of high-quality, cost-effective LED displays.


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Supply Worldwide

JYLED produces LED display products all over the world. The stage rental LED displays you see in many places may have been created by us.

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Quality Assurance

We will provide continuous follow-up services to ensure that the products you purchase can run without problems for a long time.

Technical Support

After purchasing our products, you can ask us questions anytime and anywhere, and we will continue to answer your questions.


The performers combine the stage with the LED screen, through delicate and vivid pictures and dance movements to the music, to close the distance between the audience and the actors, present a shocking performance, and bring more sensory experience to the audience.

Panoramic Overview Of Stage Rental Display
Concert Rental LED Display


Concerts usually require various flexible scene changes to adapt to different programs, and this is the strength of rental LED display screens. It can easily switch images while presenting clear and rich image effects, Bring an excellent visual experience to the audience.


Although we often see rental LED displays on the stage, in fact, renting LED displays is not limited to the stage. Press conferences and podiums are also common scenarios for renting LED displays.

Rental LED Display Conference Speech
Outdoor Rental LED Display
Because It Is Professional, It Is More Reliable

JYLED is a leading LED display manufacturer with 14 years of experience in rental display manufacturing. It can customize indoor or outdoor stage background LED displays and concert LED displays according to your requirements.

Rental LED Screen for Various Events

  • “I bought the JYLED rental display 3 years ago specifically for an event, and it is still running well.”

    Bill Stewart
  • “The exquisite picture of the rental LED display screen makes the entire stage more colorful and eye-catching.”

    Nevada Palmer
  • “This feels different from the LED display I bought before. It may be because that one is fixed on the wall and cannot be disassembled, but this one is built on a steel structure, so it is easy to disassemble.”

    Hendrix Burns
How long does your product lead time take?

Since LED displays are customized products, the average production time is about 10–15 days depending on different application scenarios and types.

Regularly used rental LED displays can generally be produced in about 7 days, and some specially customized products, such as outdoor spherical displays, have a production time of about 25 days.

How will my goods be transported?

After we produce the goods, we will contact the freight forwarder to deliver the goods to the port and then transport them to you. If some customers need to expedite their shipment, they can add some fees and choose air transportation.

How soon can I pick up my order?

Different modes of transportation require different lengths of time. Air freight can arrive at your location in as little as 3 days. The fastest delivery time is 7 days.

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