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Outdoor 3d Led Display

Increase Your Revenue with Outdoor LED Advertising Screen!

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As a professional manufacturer, JYLED offers the most cost-effective LED display solutions to boost your advertising effectiveness.

JYLED LED Display Manufacturer

JYLED is a leading LED display manufacturer. It uses 12 SMT module production lines imported from Germany and can produce 50,000 regular modules and creative soft modules every day, suitable for a variety of applications in different scenarios.

As a professional LED display manufacturer, we have a strict management control system that complies with high international 4S standards and has passed multiple international certificate certifications such as CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, TUV and BIS.

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JYLED – Professional LED display manufacturer, can help you customize any outdoor advertising type for you!

Outdoor Advertising LED Display
Regular Outdoor Advertising LED Display
Outdoor Advertising LED Display With Corner
Outdoor Advertising LED Display with Corner
Curved LED Billboard
Curved LED Advertising Billboard
3D LED Display
Outdoor 3D Advertising LED Display
An Outdoor Billboard On The Highway
Single Column Outdoor Advertising LED Display
Double Column Outdoor Advertising LED Display
Double Column Outdoor Advertising LED Display
Outdoor Rental LED Display
Outdoor Rental Advertising LED Display
Totem Led Screens
Outdoor LED Totem Advertising
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Larger Capacity, Better Price

More than 5000 square meters of warehouse, sufficient inventory, after placing orders, can be shipped at any time.

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Customization Capabilities

According to customer requirements, professional customization, suitable for more application.

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Quality Assurance

We have a strict quality control process to ensure the reliability and service life of our products.

24 Hours After-Sales Service

JYLED provides considerate after-sales service to quickly solve any problems with your LED display.

LED Module Production

Fully automatic SMT high-speed machines and various machines can quickly and accurately complete the bonding of the lamp surface and the IC surface on the PCB, which can meet led module production of different pixel pitches and sizes.

LED Module Production
Testing And Calibration

Testing and Calibration

Once LED module is completed, it undergoes rigorous testing and calibration procedures. This involves testing each individual LED module, checking for any defective pixels, and calibrating the color and brightness levels to ensure uniformity across the entire display.

72 Hours Aging Testing

The aging testing of LED displays is an indispensable step in the whole production process, and it is also a testing link in the production and quality testing of LED displays, which is an essential important guarantee for the quality of LED electronic display products. LED products can improve their efficiency after aging testing, and it is conducive to the stability of efficiency in later use.

72 Hours Aging Testing
Packaging And Protection

Packaging and Protection

After passing quality control and testing, the LED display is carefully packaged to ensure its protection during shipping. It is securely packed in custom-made wooden case or flight case packaging materials, which provide cushioning and shock absorption to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Shipping Method Selection

The shipping method is determined based on factors such as destination, urgency, and customer preferences. Common shipping methods for LED displays include air freight, sea freight, and land transportation. The chosen method ensures the safe and timely delivery of the display to its destination.

Shipping Method Selection

Outdoor Advertising 3D LED Display Effect Display
Outdoor Advertising LED Display Effect
Outdoor shopping mall LED large display

The application scenarios of outdoor LED Advertising displays are very wide, and they can be found in almost any place where information needs to be displayed and eye-catching.

  • “When I purchased the outdoor LED display, I did not expect that the use of the outdoor LED display would double our brand exposure, which shows that my decision was right.”

    Bill Stewart
  • “Since I replaced the LCD with an outdoor advertising LED display, changing content has become very quick and easy. Now I just need to open the LED control software on my mobile phone and I can change the content at any time.”

    Nevada Palmer
  • “JYLED is a partner I have worked with for many years. Their quality is very good. The first batch of products purchased are still working normally.”

    Hendrix Burns
How long does your product lead time take?

Since LED displays are customized products, the average production time is about 10–15 days depending on different application scenarios and types.

Regularly used LED displays can generally be produced in about 7 days, and some specially customized products, such as outdoor spherical displays, have a production time of about 25 days.

How will my goods be transported?

After we produce the goods, we will contact the freight forwarder to deliver the goods to the port and then transport them to you. If some customers need to expedite their shipment, they can add some fees and choose air transportation.

How soon can I pick up my order?

Different modes of transportation require different lengths of time. Air freight can arrive at your location in as little as 3 days. The fastest delivery time is 7 days.

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