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Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental is the most commonly used one at the temporary events as quick-installation LED video wall. Help you complete the stage and booth video wall layout within a limited time before the event.

  • High brightness & Clearly displayed picture under direct sunlight.
  • Up to IP68 ratings dust & water resistance
  • Suitable for any outdoor scenarios
  • Easy to connect together

Superb Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental

Our products have obtained CE, FCC, ISO9001 and many other certifications, and comply with the common standards of various countries around the world, allowing you to use them safely and with confidence.

Only high-quality LED modules using pure copper brackets are produced to ensure the stability and durability of LED displays for users.

Simple plug-in design helps customers solve the complex wiring problems of traditional LED displays

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental related products

Outdoor Advertising Machine

Specially design for outdoor scenes allows outdoor advertising to be unrestricted by space. It supports 4G ultra-long-distance centralized control and management, allowing you to update the content of each Portable Outdoor Digital Signage at any time.

Rental Transparent LED Screen

As an innovative technology, the transparent screen rental has both the see-through effect of the transparent screen and the characteristics of quickly building an LED video wall for outdoor rental videos. More lightweight and the weight per square meter is only For 7-10KG. Very easy to carry.

LED Totem Display

LED totems are also often used in small and large events. They are distributed in various places within the event venue by event planners to set the scene. Creatively used to complete the setting and content sharing of the event, this maximizes the attraction of people around the event, enhances the effect of the event, and makes the event planning more perfect.

Outdoor 3D LED Video Wall

The outdoor 3D video wall has a very high resolution. The cool 3D video material makes its visual experience even more shocking. Unlike watching 3D movies in a cinema, which requires the use of specific glasses to achieve 3D visual effects, outdoor 3D video walls can achieve naked-eye 3D visual effects without glasses. Although the cost is usually highly expensive, the commercial value is huge.

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Introduction To The Characteristics Of Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental

Low Power Consumption
Lowest Power Consumption

Using energy-saving and efficient LED lamp beads to minimize the power consumption of LED display.

High Quality Cable Material
Superb Cable Material

High-quality wires ensure that the LED display and other components can operate normally without problems such as short circuits or wire fires.

Up To 7680Hz 8K High Refresh Rate
Up to 7680Hz Refresh Rate

Our outdoor LED video wall rental supports up to 7680Hz ultra high refresh rate. It allow you to perfect display the image without any flickering and moire issues when taking photos and using camcorder for video or live steaming.

Copper LED Lamp Bracket Material
Adopts Copper Lamp Bracket

JYLED adopts copper lamp bracket, which brings much longer lifespan and better resistance to corrosion and rust for the LED video wall. It also provide better heating dissipation for the whole.

Quick Installation Panel & Simple Connect Cable Design

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental series adopts fast installation panel design, each panel owns simple to use fast lock and lockable fine copper aviation plug-in cable. Make the power cable and signal cable firmly connected between the cabinets to ensure stable transmission of power and network signals. The image on the screen will also be displayed more stably and perfectly as a result.

Quick Installation Panel & Simple Connect Cable Design
Flexible Screens Size For Different Events

Flexible Screens Size for Different Events

Modular cabinet design to allow you can flexibly assemble screen size at your will. Allow you can set the LED screen in different rental events without venue restrictions. And there are much more available different types of installations methods with various accessories to better help you set the outdoor LED video wall.

China Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental Manufacturer

Professional Production Team

JYLED owns the most professional production team to make sure the LED screens produced can meet the standard in every country use.

Strict Tests After Introduction

We will perform multiple tests on the LED video wall, including color balance test, brightness test, gray scale test, voltage and current test, extreme working environment performance test, etc. Tests like this will be completed three times before leaving the factory.

Support Customized Personalized LOGO

Through customized your own logo design, companies can have a unique identity to avoid confusion with other companies and increase brand recognition. Express the company’s characteristics, goals and values, highlighting the company’s personality and style.

The Most Reasonable Transportation Scheme

Whether you want air/sea/road transportation/express/door-to-door or a combination of multiple transportation methods, our professional long-term freight forwarding partners will select the most suitable transportation route with fast time and low price to your destination country or region.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental Installation Introduction

Quickly Build The Outdoor Stage Video Wall
Quickly Build the Outdoor Stage Video Wall

Compared with fixed and permanently installed LED video walls, this quick-connect LED wall panel focuses on simplicity and convenience for customers, so it is very popular at outdoor rental events.

Various Suitable Use Scenarios
Various Suitable Use Scenarios

Excellent image quality, simple seamlessly splicing methods and various installation methods make the outdoor stage video wall suitable for various outdoor use scenarios.

Hanging Installation For Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental
Hanging Installation for Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental

Depending on the site conditions, the entire video wall can be suspended with hanging bars, trusses and other accessories so that people from a greater distance can watch the screen content well.

Arrange The Screen Size At Your Will
Arrange the Screen Size at Your Will

The lightweight modular design allows you to flexibly arrange and splice the screen size according to your needs.

Global Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental Solution Expert
Global Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental Solution Expert

JYLED is the top outdoor LED video wall rental solution expert in Shenzhen, China. Our focus is on providing the affordable outdoor LED screen solution for the customers around the world and adopting high-quality LED screen products. Let’s make your propose to perfect and practical. Looking forward to working with you.

  • This is my first time to buy the outdoor video wall, and I am very happy with it! Absolutely top quality products and services.

  • I like you guys’ service attitude very much. Some people regard work as work, but you regard work as your love, and do everything down to the smallest detail.

  • The effect was great and made my performance a success. In the future, I will consider purchasing a higher-definition screen from you to make the viewing experience better for the live audience.

What is the refresh rate of the outdoor LED video wall rental?

The Refresh rate is adjustable from 1920Hz to 7680Hz.

How do I choose a outdoor LED video wall rental?

(1.To confirm the screen size first(width and height).

(2.Viewing distance(This determine the model of the LED video wall The viewing distance of the LED wall should ensure that all attendees have a good view of the screen.

(3. Select refresh rate(1920/3840Hz/7680Hz)

(4.Installation method, floor-standing installation or hanging installation or others

How long does outdoor LED video wall rental last?

The average lifespan is 100,000 hours. Under normal use, it can last 10-15 years and even more.

Which is better LED or LCD video wall?

The LED wall can be assembled by many LED panels. Frameless LEDs can be spliced seamlessly and theoretically infinitely. LCD screens can often only be used alone. If multiple LCD screens are spliced into a large screen, the frame will look very conspicuous.

5.Will I get any installation or technical support for the LED video wall rental?

Yes, we provide detailed installation and lifetime technical support for you. Welcome to consult us at any time if you encounter any problems for the LED video wall.

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