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TOP 10 Micro LED display manufacturers in the world

Over the past 2020, there have been many excellent micro LED display manufacturers, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Sanan and TCL Huaxing establish Micro LED joint laboratory

In early March, Sanan Semiconductor and TCL Huaxingxuan jointly established a joint laboratory to lay out the development of Micro LED display technology. The R&D capital of the laboratory is 300 million yuan, and it will develop technologies related to its own materials, processes, equipment and production line solutions formed in the end-to-end technology process of Micro LED displays.

Konka actively deploys Micro LEDs and introduces key equipment

In March, German deposition equipment manufacturer Aixtron SE announced that Konka Group had ordered multiple AIX G5+C and AIX 2800G4-TM MOCVD systems to build its own mass production of gallium nitride (GaN) based nitrides. and Mini/Micro LEDs based on Arsenic Phosphorus (AsP).

Konka actively deploys Micro LEDs
Konka actively deploys Micro LEDs

In addition to MOCVD, Konka has also imported more Micro LED production equipment. In November, British manufacturer Micro Crystal Transfer Group and its professional LED and semiconductor technology team adopted the ICP etching system and PECVD system of Japanese semiconductor equipment supplier Samco for Konka’s Micro LED production.

Huacan Optoelectronics raised 1.2 billion to invest in Mini/Micro LED chips

In early April, Huacan Optoelectronics announced that it plans to raise 1.5 billion yuan to invest in Mini/Micro LED and GaN power device projects, of which 1.2 billion yuan will be invested in Mini/Micro LED projects, mainly for the production of Mini/Micro LED epitaxial wafers, Mini/Micro LEDs Micro LED chips, etc. On October 19, HC Semitek announced that the fundraising for the fixed increase project was completed.

p0.6mm mini led
p0.6mm mini led

In addition, on December 1, Huacan Optoelectronics and Semicon Light signed a flip-chip patent technology licensing agreement. This technology is considered to be the key technology for new displays such as Mini/Micro LED. HC Semitek is reportedly planning to supply LG Electronics with Micro LED chips for new Micro LED display products.

Seoul Semiconductor has entered the stage of commercial mass production of Micro LED

In May, Seoul Semiconductor stated that it has entered the stage of commercial mass production in the Micro LED field. Through its subsidiary Seoul Viosys, it has been able to mass produce full-color RGB LED chips. At the same time, Seoul Semiconductor has successfully developed a mass transfer technology that can successfully transfer Micro LEDs to any backplane of PCB or glass backplane.

Apple accelerates the commercialization of Micro LED technology

In June, Apple announced plans to invest about US$334 million to build a new plant in Zhuke Longtan Park in Taiwan for the production of Mini/Micro LED display panels. The latest news in December shows that Apple plans to continue to work with Jingdian Longtan Factory to develop Micro LED technology. Recently, Longtan Factory has been moving in equipment and opening new production lines to deploy applications in the next year in advance.

Chichuang plans to build a second Micro LED production line

In August, Taiwan-based Micro LED developer Chitron announced plans to raise $50 million to build its second Micro LED production line. Chitron hopes to start mass production in the new production line in the second or third quarter of 2021. The new production line will expand the company’s Micro LED production capacity by 2 to 3 times.

Osram joins hands with Kyocera to develop Micro LED driver technology

On August 12, Osram and Japanese display manufacturer Kyocera jointly designed a new technology for hybrid current and PWM drive in the field of Micro LED displays. The companies say this new drive scheme can be used to avoid the use of lower pixel currents through the Micro LED chip, thereby reducing luminance deviation and color shift at low gray levels.

Cree and Valeo jointly create Micro LED headlights

In October, CREE cooperated with Valeo to create ADB Micro LED headlights with 4000 pixels, which have entered the testing stage. The Micro LED pixel array headlight products that have come out currently have more than a thousand pixels and are gradually developing to the 10,000 level.

JYLED Releases Micro LED TV Wall

p0.6mm mini led
p0.6mm mini led

In September, JYLED launched its first 4K Micro LED video wall. The Micro LED video wall is based on COB technology, the dot pitch is P0.9mm, and the screen is seamlessly spliced ​​by multiple 640×360 display modules. It is suitable for indoor commercial and high-end civilian markets.

Sharp splits the display technology division to form a new Micro LED company

In October, Sharp divested its display business unit and established a new company, SDTC. SDTC, a new company established after the spin-off, will not only take over Sharp’s current LCD panel factory and OLED R&D line but will also focus on Micro LED technology research and development.

Leyard Micro LED display products put into mass production

On October 29, Lijing Microelectronics, a joint venture between Leyard and Taiwan Epistar, officially entered production. Leyard plans to raise no more than 1.518 billion yuan to invest in projects such as Micro LED display technology development. Leyard said that the implementation of this project will solve the core technical problems of Micro LED display and promote the development and industrialization of Micro LED display technology.

AUO and Chitron Technology cooperated. In April, the two parties launched a 9.4-inch high-resolution flexible Micro LED display with a pixel density of 228 PPI, which can be applied not only to the automotive display market but also to wearable and consumer markets.

Ledman officially releases Micro LED pixel engine display technology

In July this year, Ledman officially released the Micro LED pixel engine display technology and announced the mass production of Micro LED ultra-high-definition displays with point pitches of P0.79mm and P0.63mm.

At present, based on COB technology, Ledman has achieved mass production of Micro LED ultra-high-definition displays with dot pitches of P0.6mm, P0.7mm, P0.9mm, P1.2mm, P1.5mm and P1.9mm.

Tianma launches 7.56-inch AM Micro LED display

At the DIC exhibition in July this year, Tianma and Chichuang Technology launched a 7.56-inch AM Micro LED display. The resolution of the display is 60%, the transparency is more than 60%, and the ultra-narrow bezel can bring a better visual experience.

It is mentioned in the article that the above-mentioned micro LED manufacturers are globally recognized. Due to the variety of brands, services and prices are bound to vary. When choosing among these brands, it is important to consider our specific requirements and preferences.

Each brand may offer different services, such as warranty policies, technical support, customization options, or after-sales services. Evaluating these services can help us make better choices.

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