What are the advantages of LED rental display

In recent years, LED display products have been rapidly popularized and applied. Under the situation that the domestic macroeconomic growth rate has slowed down, the LED display industry has maintained a sustained and rapid growth. Among them, the LED rental display under the LED display category is designed as a customized die-cast aluminum box. The box is light and thin, and can be quickly installed, removed and transported. It is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications.

In addition, what are the outstanding advantages of LED rental display? Let’s take a look.

LED rental screen uses a special die-cast aluminum box

Advantages of using LED rental display

1. Wide viewing angle, high contrast, seamless stitching, high image quality

2. Post-maintenance is easier

The LED rental screen needs to be used repeatedly. For example, after an event is held, it is disassembled and transported to another venue for installation. Frequent disassembly and assembly are easy to damage, so when designing rental products, R&D personnel need to fully understand the needs of customers, repeatedly simulate the on-site use of customers, and then design to consider how to reduce product damage caused by disassembly and assembly, and the damaged products. Maintenance convenience issues.

3. Easy to install and can be customized according to the special requirements of customers

The LED rental screen requires easy and fast installation, which can save cost and time, because it is faced with long-term and repeated use. If it is troublesome to install and operate, it must be a failed product, and the market reputation is not good. For example, customers have some special requirements, need to make curved screen, right-angle screen lights, or have special requirements for brightness, etc., manufacturers can meet such special customized needs.

4. Lightweight and easy to transport and install.

5. It can be waterproof and anti-collision.

LED rental screens will be used in different scenarios, and the installation conditions are also various. Waterproof and anti-collision is very necessary.

6. High-definition display, delicate picture quality.

With the improvement of stage led display system technology, the large-scale application of special effects of LED display, the shocking effect of large scenes and large pictures makes the actors on and off the stage integrate with the audience, making the audience immersive, and people’s requirements for LED stage rental screens It is also improving. High-definition display and delicate picture quality are the long-term pursuit of products at this stage.

Rental LED Video Walls In Stage Concert Theatre
Rental LED Video Walls In Stage Concert Theatre

7. Brand advantage, cost performance advantage

LED rental display brands also have high-end and low-end, high-end rental market, LED rental screen needs to have the following characteristics: good quality, stable performance, process control in place, for the low-end market, cost-effective.

To sum up, it is an introduction to the advantages of Fixed indoor Display Screen. LED rental screens are widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing evenings, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, performances, etc. halls, discos, night clubs, high-end entertainment discos, TV Spring Festival Gala, important cultural events in various provinces and cities, etc.

Main Products
Use the die-cast aluminum case on the outdoor rental LED display

Outdoor LED Rental Screen

Outdoor LED rental display is made of outdoor LED waterproof die-cast aluminum case

LED Outdoor Iron Box

fixed outdoor display screen

Fixed Outdoor LED display Powerful high brightness outdoor led display engages viewers.

Magnesium alloy LED display rental box

Stadium Outdoor LED Screen

The stadium outdoor LED display screen is an excellent medium to captivate your audience by displaying vibrant content.

Rental LED Display Screen

The rental LED display screen splicing is convenient, but also according to the actual area of a large range of splicing

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