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stage floor LED display background

Floor LED Display Manufacture in China

Floor LED display integrates into the aesthetics of life to create a unique advertising style!

Best Quality and Most Cost-Effective Floor LED Display Manufacturer

JYLED has 12 high-speed floor tile screen module production lines, which can quickly produce and assemble floor tile LED displays, shortening the production cycle by at least half compared to its peers. The factory has a warehouse of 80,000 square meters, and conventional floor tile screens can be shipped within 7 days at the fastest.

Factory test of floor LED display

All products of floor LED display

LED Dance Floor

LED dance floor are mainly used for stage design, so that the stage can cooperate with performers to achieve better performance effects.

LED floor tiles

LED screen floors can make the entire floor stylish and beautiful, and are an indispensable and important decoration in tourist scenes such as art galleries and aquariums.

interactive floor LED display

The interactive floor LED display adds an interactive module to the floor tile screen, so relatively speaking, the price is a little higher, but it improves the fun and interactivity of the scene.

LED Floor Screen Cabinet

LED floor screen can bring plain floors to life. Then, through the wonderful display screen, attract the attention of customers, thereby achieving good marketing effects.

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JYLED Floor LED Display Introduction of advantages

landmark icon
Suitable for Venues

Suitable for use in places where people gather, such as bars, aquariums, parks, restaurants, etc.

High Resolution icon

Adopts a unique and creative design, which is customizable and practical, giving your space fashion and personality.

2 Ton icon
High Load-Bearing

The floor LED display uses a high-polymer PE mask, which can withstand a weight of 2 tons per square meter.

interaction icon
Optional Interactive Function

Optional interactive functions make the floor LED display more interesting and the gameplay richer.


The use of nano-polymer materials can effectively prevent dust, water stains and other foreign matter from invading the screen and causing damage to the screen.

Waterproof features of floor tile screen
Floor tile screen bearing capacity 2 tons

Bearing Capacity 2 Tons

The floor LED display is spliced using unloading guide rails, which greatly enhances the load-bearing capacity and can withstand nearly 2 tons of pressure without causing damage to the screen body.

Thickened Film

In addition to the specific modules of the floor LED display itself, an additional layer of anti-slip and scratch-resistant PE film is added above the floor tile screen to cover it to avoid problems such as wrestling caused by the screen being too smooth.

Covered with a thickened film

Introduction To Floor LED Display Installation

Floor LED module
LED Suction Cup

Prepare Material

  • Floor LED Module
  • LED Suction Cup
  • Signal Cable
  • Data Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Sending Card
  • Video Processor

Addition Material

According to different application scenarios, the following are optional materials:

  • Audio
  • Amplifier
  • TV

way to install
Select Installation Mode

As can be seen from the schematic diagram above, there are 2 installation methods to choose from. If you use direct splicing, you don’t need to install the slide rail; If you use the slide rail installation, you need to install the slide rail first, and then put the floor LED display into it.

Screen debugging
Debug Screen

When debugging the screen, you need to choose different LED control software according to the selected LED display control system. For example, if you use Colorlight’s control card, you need to install the LEDVISON software and use this software to debug the screen display.

Floor LED Display for Different Scene

Mall floor LED display
Shopping Malls

As a shopping mall with a very large flow of people, the floor tile LED display can make customers stop and watch, thereby enhancing the customer’s stay time.

Art gallery floor LED display
Art Gallery

A scene like an art museum is naturally indispensable for fashion and technological products. You can create a gorgeous scene through floor LED display. It is a very good choice whether you are sightseeing or checking in.

Hotel floor LED display

Hotels pay the most attention to details. In a place like a hotel, if an floor LED display can be placed in the lobby, customers will be attracted by the screen on the ground at the door before entering the lobby.

floor LED display background
Professional Floor LED Display Solution Expert

14 years of experience in the floor LED display industry, with solutions for various application scenarios

Detailed Parameters For Floor LED Display

Module size(mm)250×250
Module resolution(dot)84×8464×6452×5240×40
Cabinet size(mm)500×1000/500×500
Max.power consumption(w)800800800800
Average power consumption(w)400400400400
Cabinet weight(kg)25
Cabinet materialIron/Die-Casting Aluminum
IP rateIP68
Refresh rate(hz)1920/3840
Horizontal viewing angle120°
Vertical viewing angle120°
Input voltageAC110V-AC220V
Life span(H)100000
  • “The interactive effect of the floor LED display has brought a good reputation to our restaurant, and now people come here to check in every day.”

    Vada Adams
  • “It’s really surprising. I didn’t expect that floors can be creatively designed and beautified. The floor LED display has been a big help to me!”

    Arya Harvey
  • “The originally dull stage took on a new look after being covered with floor LED display. Combined with laser lights and rotating LED balls, it greatly enhances the technological feel of the stage.”

    Reign Williams
What Is Floor LED Display?

Floor LED display is an LED display specially used for floor decoration. The thickened and non-slip LED mask achieves super load-bearing and wear-resistance. It can not only display the scene in conjunction with the dance but also achieve the effect of interacting with the ground screen.

What Are Floor LED Display Made Of?

Floor LED Display are composed of a variety of materials, including a frame or base structure, LED panels, transparent or translucent films, and control systems. The structure of the base provides support and stability to the LED panel.

What Scenarios Are LED Floor Tile Screens Suitable For?

Floor LED Display are suitable for places where people gather, such as shopping malls, sightseeing, amusement parks, e-sports venues, etc. They are all very suitable scenes for placing floor LED display.

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