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How to do a 3D LED screen?

In recent years, the demand for outdoor advertising has continued to increase, and the technology of outdoor LED large screens has continued to mature. In particular, the frequent appearance of 3D LED screen.

Outdoor 3D LED Large Screen Display, They have become the mainstream of today’s media and advertising. High-quality advertising image, rich colors and dynamic advertising images in full. At present, the “Pattern” of outdoor LED displays has changed. Many companies have developed a new visual experience, combined with naked eye 3D viewing technology, to give people an extremely realistic and highly immersive visual sensory experience.

Compared with the traditional large LED screen, the traditional outdoor display screen is an advertisement for an advertisement, which makes it an important “scenery” and “landmark” of Internet celebrity in the city and then adding vitality to the city and the influence of commercial street. This is the era of visual art and the development direction of the 3D large LED display.

Let us show you some 3D LED screen cases first.

Naked eye 3D display effect= Special LED Display Design + Creative 3d Video Material

P5 Outdoor 208sqm In Serbia
P5 Outdoor 208sqm In Serbia

Then how do we choose and customize the appropriate 3d LED screen, model and cost according to the shape of the building?

  1. Provide your design area and location on your building wall
  2. What is the best view distance, how high your building? Choose the appropriate model. Pixel pitch (P) smaller, screen resolution will be higher and clearer, cost will be higher. (IP31 is indoor, IP65 is outdoor)

Fixed LED Display Parameter
Fixed LED Display Parameter

Creative 3D video material cost:

  • a. The longer the duration in the same scene, the lower the unit price per second
  • b. Models: The number of models is the largest, and the finer the model, the higher the cost.
  • c. Requires fluids, such as ocean waves, milk and other effects, the calculation and rendering workload is very large, so the cost will be higher.

What are the benefits of customizing a high-quality 3Dled display?

Outdoor 3D LED Display Application Value:

1. Precise delivery, covering the target circle at zero distance

Large outdoor LED displays are mainly concentrated in the inner city CBD business district, heavy traffic arterial roads, high-end residential walls, etc., providing advertisers with rich and accurate placement options. 3D LED large screen advertisements are concentrated in areas with high and vigorous demand from urban consumers and have high space value.

LED large screen advertising in the central business district has three characteristics: the cost per 1,000 people per day is as low as $20, the traffic volume is as high as 850,000 per day, and the stay in front of the screen it is approximately 7 minutes per person.

2. The value of precise marketing and target group aggregation

3D LED big screen advertisements concentrate on places with high consumer demand and economic activity, and closely follow consumer work and work scenes, allowing the target group to lock the brand at a glance, ensuring that the effectiveness of advertising accurately reaches and improves the marketing value. According to the related data research, most of the people stuck in the outdoor LED display are people with stable jobs.

Among them, 74% of middle and senior managers, white-collar workers account for more than 60%, and relatively strong spending power, especially focusing on technology products and financial management. , Automobiles, tourism, clothing, real estate and other products.

3. The advertising effect is quickly transformed, which helps the audience to recognize and transform the advertising effect

A very significant feature of outdoor 3D LED large screen display media is that it attracts the attention of target audiences within an effective period of time. Both advertisers and media operators are more inclined to broadcast big brands and various industries on outdoor 3D LED big screen media.

Leading brand advertising, because this type of media has a greater influence on enhancing the impression of the brand and the product, and has a long time to deepen the impression of the audiences, so the behavior of the audience is affected for advertising. It will be important for consumers to buy to generate subsequent behavioral intentions.

4. Demonstrate the value of a “High-End” brand and establish an impressive high-quality brand

Predictable from the data, in the eyes of the audience, 3D LED display ads have more shocking stereoscopic impact, high-quality area, huge area, and eye-catching advantages than canvas ads and banners, light box ads. Brand and product advertisements put it at impressive “high-end” value, enhancing audience acceptance of the brand.

5. Effectively cover the audience with a high reach rate

The large outdoor 3D LED display has a large LED display area, clear image quality, bright colors, and can bring a strong visual impact. It is easy to attract the attention of the audience. This is conducive to the effective transmission and understanding of 3D LED large-screen media information, and the coverage of the audience is wide. The features of the system can achieve a very high rate of achievement.

6. Unique space value

Most of the large outdoor LED screens are established in the main business districts of the city and other places with a large flow of people. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, these prosperous business districts and functional places have become the mainstream of the urban population.

The main event venue, so outdoor 3D LED big screen media has the characteristics of scarcity, core, etc., this form of media has great quality and marketing value.

Therefore, when the 3D LED display screen is applied, it is necessary to combine technology and creativity, and at the same time pay attention to the development of the scene. Only in this way will the visual sensory experience of the 3D LED display be more colorful.

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