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How to repair the broken LED display?

In the process of using the LED display, there will inevitably be a little fault, so how to repair the LED display?

1. Common fault handling process during maintenance of LED display

1. Determine whether the display is a synchronous display or an asynchronous display. The display of the synchronous display depends on the settings of the display, and the asynchronous display does not depend on the settings of the display.

2. Determine whether the display screen is a partial display problem or a problem with the entire screen display

If the local display is not normal, the communication problem can be ruled out. It is determined that the display hardware is faulty, so it needs to be repaired to prevent the fault from expanding.

JYLED Worker Testing LED Modules
JYLED Worker Testing LED Modules

2. Unit board failure during maintenance of LED display

Fault 1: lack of color on the unit board

  1. Check whether the 245 R.G data is output
  2. Check whether the normal 595 output pin and the abnormal 595 input pin are connected

Fault 2: The whole unit board does not light up (black screen)

1. If the horizontal direction of several consecutive boards does not light up, check whether the cable connection between the normal unit board and the abnormal unit board is connected: or whether chip 245 is normal;

2. If the vertical direction of several consecutive boards does not light up, check whether the power supply of this column is normal.

If the above two methods do not work, you can try the LED unit board module test method commonly used in LED displays. This method can better find the problem of the unit board, and the maintenance of the unit board requires professional LED display personnel. We generally test in the following steps.

01. Material

LED unit board module: High-quality LED unit boards need to use double-sided all-glass PCB boards. Of course, the cost is high, but the quality is guaranteed.

IC device: Confirm whether the brand of IC device used is different. Which IC is used, and how many ICs are used, may affect the quality of the LED unit board.

Lamp beads and chips: rely on long-term tests, namely burn-in tests. A typical LED display manufacturer is approach is to turn it on at the factory and confirm that the LED display is working properly.

02. Welding quality

Check the sticker for component leaks, sticker errors, and shorts on component pin burrs. Make sure that the straight inserts are soldered round, the board surface is clean, and there are no virtual welds. Check for inconsistencies in the insertion flatness of the luminous grating and ink color.

03. Power-on test

Power-on test (refer to the performance test report): electrical test for the difference of the light-emitting grating; electrical test for whether the line drive tube can be maintained; power test for signal transmission capability.

How to clean the LED display

The LED display screen needs to be cleaned before and after installation. This is a very important part, which can prevent the LED display screen from being unclear during the operation, mosaic phenomenon and color cast when the screen is black. The display screen will accumulate dust and other debris that affect the display after a certain period of operation.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the LED display screen can prolong the service life of the LED display screen and improve the use quality of the LED display screen. Therefore, the cleaning of the LED display screen is particularly important whether it is before or after the screen is installed.

1. Cleaning of semi-finished LED modules

When the LED module is only a semi-finished product without a kit, it needs to be cleaned with special board washing water. Dip the LED module with some board washing water and then brush it with a brush to accelerate the dissolution of the rosin and the shedding of the flux. Remove dust and impurities.

2. Cleaning of LED electronic display after installation

After the LED electronic display screen is installed and displayed for a period of time, dust and impurities will accumulate. In order not to affect the display effect of the display screen, it is necessary to clean the surface of the LED display screen with clean water or clean water and detergent. The surface of the LED module can be cleaned, and special care must be taken when cleaning, and the cleaning water can not get to the back of the LED module.

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