A good LED display must adapt to different temperatures, different weather, can be used normally in various occasions, and also have a good effect on near and far lights, especially in large-scale concerts, special effects The lighting needs to be particularly excellent, but sometimes we will find that the brightness of the LED is different.

What is the reason for the inconsistent brightness of the LED full-color display? According to our years of maintenance experience, we have concluded the following three points that lead to the full-color LED display The reason for screen brightness inconsistency.

1. Light-emitting element

The light-emitting element of the LED full-color display screen is the LED light-emitting tube, and brightness inconsistency in the production process is inevitable. However, the countermeasure adopted by LED electronic display manufacturers is to classify after the production is completed. The smaller the brightness difference between the adjacent two levels, the better the consistency, but the more serious the appearance of low yield and high inventory will be formed. Therefore, all manufacturers control the brightness difference between two adjacent gears to be around 20%.

2. Drive Components

LED full-color display driver components are usually constant current driver chips, such as MBl5026. These chips include 16 constant current drive outputs, and the current output value can be set with resistors. The error of each output of the same chip is controlled within 3%, and the output error of different chips is controlled within 6%.

It is normal for the brightness error of 25% between the pixels of the LED full-color display. If the LED light-emitting tube used is not the same level and type of full-color LED display, the brightness error will rise to more than 40%.

It is also worth noting that the brightness of the full-color LED display is inconsistent, which is the fundamental reason for the formation of the blurred screen. Therefore, if you buy a screen with inconsistent brightness, please contact your service provider or manufacturer to solve the problem.

3. The display screen is mixed in the production process, and different batches of dot matrix are used.

How to solve the different colors of LED electronic display?

The first method is to change the current flowing through the LED. Generally, the continuous working current of the LED tube is about 20 mA. Except for the saturation phenomenon of the red LED, the brightness of other LEDs is basically proportional to the current flowing;

The second method: using the visual inertia of the human eye, use the pulse width modulation method to achieve grayscale control, that is, to periodically change the light pulse width (ie duty cycle), as long as the period of repeated lighting is short enough (ie refresh The frequency is high enough), the human eye cannot feel the shaking of the light-emitting pixels.

Because pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, almost all LED electronic display screens use pulse width modulation to control gray levels in today’s general use of microcomputers to provide and LED display content.

JYLED full color LED display introduction

1. Full-color series LED large screen, ultra-high pixel density, presenting a higher-definition picture effect;

2. High cost performance, satisfying your pursuit of high-definition pictures and having a good price, which greatly reduces your investment cost;

3. High efficiency and energy saving: Using LED large-screen products, ultra-bright LEDs driven by low power consumption, can save more than 20% of energy. With temperature control, display control, brightness control technology, and circuits with PFC design, the overall achieve energy saving effect;

4. High protection level: unique box design, in line with IP protection standard, suitable for outdoor installation of LED display and use;

5. Standardized design: The box body, modules and other components are standardized design, and different products are compatible with each other, to achieve standardization to the greatest extent, and to provide great convenience for production and post-maintenance;

6. Large-scale production: implement large-scale production, improve production efficiency, and greatly improve the consistency and reliability of product performance;

7. Cluster control: multi-screen centralized control, remote management, easy to achieve strategic planning and victory thousands of miles away;

8. High stability and reliability: carefully selected raw materials, scientific design schemes, and rigorous manufacturing processes ensure the high stability and reliability of the products and bring long-term benefits to customers.

Product advantages of JYLED display:

★Low power consumption, long life, stable performance and less maintenance.

★The appearance can be customized, flexible, and has a strong visual impact, leaving a deep impression on people.

★Easy to install, use and maintain.

★Fast and convenient assembly and disassembly system, saving loading and unloading time.

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