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How much does an LED wall cost?

For the LED wall cost, it mainly depends on the model used. Currently, the models suitable for LED video wall are: p1.667, p1.875, p1.923, P2, etc. The resolution is from high to low. As for their Costs need to be calculated from multiple perspectives.

  1. Screen price: that is, the indoor LED display price is X yuan / square meter, and the selected materials are different, and the price is also different. (Including the cost of LED die, IC driver chip, power supply and LED box.) Therefore, the prices quoted by various manufacturers will be quite different. This is a relatively large cost.
  2. Control system cost: that is, to control the number of computers and receiving cards and sending cards. Different sizes and types of LED display screens require different numbers of LED receiving cards and sending cards. It needs to be based on the size of the LED screen in the conference room. The size determines the quantity, and then calculates the cost.
  3. Auxiliary equipment costs: power distribution cabinets, computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, control cards, lightning arresters and LED video processors, etc. These are not hard requirements, so customers can flexibly choose according to their own requirements.
  4. Display display software: including computer system software, LED video playback software, etc. These playback and control software can be downloaded directly from LED display manufacturers for free, and the possibility of subsequent charges is not ruled out.
  5. Steel frame structure cost: including manual installation cost. Generally, the steel frame column structure is more expensive than the wall-mounted structure. You can also ask the LED display manufacturer to provide the steel frame structure design drawings, and the customer can find the local manufacturer to make it.
  6. Transportation costs: The costs incurred by logistics and transportation are payable by the customer.
  7. Installation cost: When the goods arrive at the site, the technical engineer of the LED display manufacturer will come to assist and guide the installation and debugging. There is no charge for installation, but the general room and board expenses and round-trip travel expenses of technical engineers are required.
P3 indoor LED display
P3 indoor LED display

Of course, different LED small-pitch video walls have their own market needs. You can choose the appropriate cost-effective and practical one. If you don’t know how to choose a model for the first time, we will choose the appropriate model and size from the following aspects.

  1. Units use ultra-high-definition display requirements, such as monitoring, command centers, video conferences, and studios, which require very clear close-up viewing. There are four models of p1.667, p1.875, p1.923, and p2 with high pixels. , 1-5 meters to watch the effect at close range; the price of the product is of course not low, and the indoor installation is usually fixed by a steel structure frame and spliced ​​by a die-cast aluminum box.
  2. For high-definition display requirements, such as conference rooms, lecture halls, multimedia halls, speech training, and conferences, there are two high-definition models of p2.5 and p3, suitable for viewing distances of 2-20 meters. The hotel lobby and banquet hall use led stage background curtain wall screens, and the installation size is about 10 square meters. In the past two years, there are more commonly used p4 and p5 models, which are suitable for viewing distances of 4-20 meters. However, as the price of LED displays is getting lower and lower, and everyone’s requirements for clarity, p3 and p4 models have become mainstream.
  3. Large led screens for stage backgrounds, wedding performances, event ceremonies, theater stages, commonly used p3, p4, p5 full-color models, suitable for viewing distances of 4-30 meters, there are two types of rental iron boxes and die-cast aluminum boxes, standard The box dimensions are: p3 full color 576mm576mm, p4 full color 512mm512mm, p5 full color 640mm*640mm.
Small Pixel Pitch HD Videos Wall Screen
Small Pixel Pitch HD Videos Wall Screen

In order to facilitate the calculation of the size, we also have p3.91 and p4.81 full-color models. The size of these two models can be made into 5001000mm and 500mm500mm specifications, which can be arbitrarily assembled into the size of a whole meter, so that It will also be very convenient for us to calculate the size area of ​​the stage rental screen

  1. Larger models include p6, p7.62, and p10 full-color models. They are suitable for large-area and long-distance viewing. If you watch from a short distance, the effect is not very good, and you can see obvious lamp beads. However, now everyone has higher and higher requirements for clarity. These three models are currently mainly used outdoors or semi-outdoors, and the viewing effect at close range is not good.

how much do led video walls cost

There are two types of LED displays, one is indoor and the other is outdoor. The indoor price ranges from $450 to $7,000 LED wall price per square foot, and the outdoor price ranges from $550 to $9,000 LED wall price per square foot. It should be noted that the prices of different models are different.


how much do led walls cost?

LED background wall P1.667 at 3500 US dollars

how much is an led wall?

The main use of LED wall is P3, which costs 2100-2600 US dollars per square meter.

what is led wall price?

The price of led wall lamp is 100-600 US dollars 1pcs


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