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Dior store LED transparent screen display effect

Transparent LED Display Manufacturer From China

Transparent LED, beyond imagination! Everything is in the visual, creating shocking advertising effects!

Main Features Of Transparent LED Display

Cabinet Size:500×500mm & 500×1000mm

Pixel Pitch:P2.976-6.25mm | P3.91-7.82mm | P8.3-12.5 | P16.6-16.6mm

Brightness: 800-5500cd/㎡

  • 82% high transparency
  • 5000 nits high brightness
  • Full of sense of technology
  • More than 50% energy saving than traditional display

All products of Transparent LED Display

Digital Window Display Screens

Digital Window Display Screens according to different application scenarios, you can choose a variety of installation methods, such as ceiling installation, glass or direct erection,

transparent glass LED display

transparent glass LED display is also called the window LED display screen. The main reason is that it is often installed on the glass windows of some shops, jewelry stores, and 4S auto shops

Flexible LED Film

The Flexible LED Film adopts LED lamp bead bare crystal ball planting technology, which places the LED lamp beads directly on the lamp board

Transparent LED Wall

The transparent LED wall is an innovative display technology that can integrate the transparent LED display screen into the glass curtain wall to achieve a dreamy

4 Products Found.

Transparent LED Display Type

There are three types of transparent LED display: Classic SeriesRental SeriesPoster Series

Product Feature Box

store icon
Shop Decoration

The transparent LED display can be combined with the store window to form a unique picture display.

Fashion icon

The transparent LED display screen has timeless white and elegant black, which can make the displayed image more fashionable.

Pervious To Light

Due to the unique light transmittance of transparent LED displays, the images on the display are more beautiful.

light weight
Light Weight

Due to the unique hollow structure of the transparent LED display, the weight of the cabinet is only one-third of that of the iron cabinet.

Ultra Slim & Light Weight

The thin and light design features make it easier to install and transport. The thin and lightweight design means it takes up less space, so less space is required for installation.

At the same time, the thin and light design makes it light in weight during transportation, making it easy to handle and move.

Transparent LED Display cabinet detail
Transparent LED Display cabinet detail

Standard Cabinet Design

The size of the cabinet is 500*500mm and 500*1000mm, the thickness is 40mm, and the color is divided into elegant black and classic white. The black and white cabinet color is very versatile and suitable for matching any scene without looking out of place.

All Aluminum Construction

A light transmittance of more than 80% can reduce the impact of the picture on the glass curtain wall;

Sturdy structure, good weather resistance, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, light weight and waterproof;

Transparent LED Display cabinet Power cable connector
Transparent LED Display

Hollow Design Structure

The transparent LED display is adsorbed on the back of the glass; the weight per square meter is approximately 12KG;

Transparent LED displays allow businesses to showcase stunning visual content with a unique “floating” effect. This can capture the attention of people passing by and attract more customers.

Introduction To Rental LED Display Installation

Transparent LED display cabinet details
Transparent LED display cabinet installation details

Preparation before installing the transparent LED display:

Understand the structure of transparent LEDs

  • LED lamp beads
  • Power box
  • Handle


  • Power box
  • Hub
  • Signal cable
  • Data cable
  • Power cable
  • Two in one joint cable
  • Vpu20000
  • Transparent LED display cabinet

Transparent LED display cabinet installation
Measured Installation Area

Measure the area and size that needs to be installed, mount the entire transparent LED display where it needs to be installed, then turn on the power and check the display effect of the screen.

Transparent LED display debugging
Debug screen

Use a network cable to connect the transparent LED display to the computer, and then connect the power to the LED screen and computer. Open the LED control software installed in the computer, import the RCG file provided by the manufacturer, and change the screen display according to the actual display situation.

Transparent LED Display for Different Scene

Mall Transparent LED display
Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are important places where people gather. The decoration of transparent LED displays can make the entire mall more technological and attract the attention of customers passing through the mall.

Jewelry Transparent LED display

If you want to stand out from more and more jewelry stores, transparent LED display is an indispensable and important display device.

Through the transparent LED display, the details of the product can be displayed 360°, making customers more comfortable when purchasing.

4S transparent LED display
Car 4S Stores

Car 4S stores often need to play comparisons or introductions of different car details, and transparent LED displays can do just that.

The image can be played directly above or behind the car to let customers know the details of the car.

LED transparent screen display background
JYLED-Transparent LED Display Manufacturer

More than 14 years of experience in manufacturing transparent LED displays, just fill in your requirements and we will contact you soon.

Transparent LED Display Parameter

Detailed parameters for the P2.976-P33

Cabinet Size(mm)500×1000/1000×1000500×1000/1000×1000500×1000/1000×1000500×1000/1000×1000500×1000/1000×1000500×1000/1000×1000
Cabinet Resolution (dot)168×160128×12860×8030×6032×3230×30
LED Typesmdsmddipdipdipdip
Transparent rate60%70%17%16%70%80%

Max. power Consumption400400600600600600
Average Power Consumption100100250250250250
Cabinet Weight (kg)878.57.84.54
Cabinet Materialiron/aluminumiron/aluminumiron/aluminumiron/aluminumiron/aluminumiron/aluminum
Ip Rateip 43ip 43ip 67ip 67ip 67ip 67
Grayscale 10000:110000:110000:110000:110000:110000:1
Refresh Rate(hz)1920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-3840
Frame Change Frequency50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Vertical Viewing Angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Best Viewing Distance>3m>4m>8m>10m>15m>16m
Input Voltageac110v – ac220vac110v – ac220vac110v – ac220vac110v – ac220vac110v – ac220vac110v – ac220v
Life Span (h)≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000
Mtbf (h)>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000
  • “The transparent LED display can be combined with glass. I placed it behind the display window to attract passing customers.”

    Éamon Middleton
  • “The transparent LED display is completely different from the LED displays I have seen before. Its lamp beads are directly embedded in the box, which greatly saves space.”

    Bruno Bender
  • “After learning about the types of LED displays, I discovered transparent LED displays. After installing it in my store, the whole store became full of fashion.”

    Brecken Rogers

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What Is Transparent LED Display?

The transparent LED display directly inlays the LED lamp beads on the hollow cabinet. The light can penetrate the cabinet, so after the screen is displayed, the scene on the back can still be seen.

Transparent LED displays are very suitable for scenes that require fashion technology, such as car 4S stores, jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Transparent LED Display For Window Displays?

There are several advantages to using a transparent LED display for window displays, including:

  1. High visibility: Transparent LED displays allow natural light to pass through while displaying high-quality digital content. This improves visibility and grabs the audience’s attention.
  2. Customization: Transparent LED displays can be customized to suit store windows or other specific scene requirements.
  3. Energy-efficient: Compared with traditional monitors or ordinary LED displays, transparent LED screens consume less power, which not only saves costs, but is also environmentally friendly.
  4. Seamless integration: Transparent LED displays can be integrated into store windows, providing a modern and stylish display and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the store.
What Are The Features Of Transparent LED Display?

The features of transparent LED displays are:

  1. Transparency: Transparency is the most striking feature of this type of display, providing a unique visual effect.
  2. High brightness: Although it is transparent, there is also a transparent LED display specially used for outdoor advertising media display. The screen can still be seen clearly under strong light.
  3. Universal: Transparent LED displays can work with other devices, making them a highly versatile display solution.
  4. Easy installation and maintenance: Transparent LED displays are easy to install and can be installed on various surfaces. In addition, no regular maintenance is required, which saves costs.
What Are The Models Of Transparent LED Display

Indoor Models(mm):p2.976-6.25,p3.91-7.82

Outdoor Models(mm):p8.3-12.5,p16.6-16.6, p15-31.25,p16.6-33

What Are The Application Scenarios Of Transparent LED Display?

The main application scenarios of transparent LED display are jewelry stores, car sales stores, museums, tourist centers, etc.

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