What are the advantages of shelf LED displays

Shelf LED display with easy to change the content, easy to use and other features, it can give large supermarkets and stores what benefits?

Today, supermarkets have become a rigid-need industry in cities of different sizes around the world, and it is also an industry that involves people’s livelihood. Usually when we are shopping, we often need to check the price and details of the barcode below the product. This is normal for us ordinary consumers.

However, for supermarket operators, it is indeed a big problem. It is mainly reflected in each time you change and adjust the product, because its name, details and price are different, it takes a lot of manpower, material resources and time to replace. The bigger the supermarket, the more work and the more money it costs.

Based on this problem, there is now a kind of LED screen dedicated to the shelf, which is the LED shelf screen! Using such a product can perfectly solve this tedious work, freeing up more labor and time.

The use of LED display shelves in supermarkets is more likely to attract customers' attention

The LED shelf screen can not only display the details of the goods, but also play dynamic and gorgeous video animations, so as to attract the attention of consumers, achieve good advertising effects, and further stimulate consumers to buy.

Responding to the call of “smart city”, many cities have already begun to deploy

When brick-and-mortar retailers embrace “new retail” to open up the era of intelligence, the intelligence of store space and product display has become the first step for traditional retail to update and iterate. In the digital transformation of various industries, the upgrade of offline new retail scenarios based on digital store transformation is one of the most intuitive and effective means.

A full-motion LED color video display like this one sits on the edge of the shelf and displays product information, cross-messages, price updates, promotions and upsells. Advanced video processing produces crisp, detailed images with smooth motion reproduction. It can bring several benefits on its own:

Increase customer brand loyalty

Through smart shelves, with rich product pictures and video clips, customers are refreshed, full of confidence in the brand, and have a good impression. Each smart terminal in the store can be associated with product information or brand advertising. For some inconvenient explanations or some functional technical materials, as well as information that high-end and high-quality customers are particularly concerned about, such as design concepts, designer ideas, designer thanks or confessions, and information that is ignored by sales staff.

A new generation of promotions

Realize an intuitive video promotion method, while also providing affiliate sales. Through the intelligent information release terminal, the intelligent shelf can display the related sales of products set by the headquarters or the store itself. Users can associate best-selling products with inventory products, and can associate two varieties of products, so that customers can feel more benefits. At the same time, it also improved the sales performance of the store.

Improve customer service levels

Through the intelligent interactive terminal (smart shelf-smart information display terminal), customers can choose by themselves first, and through the information displayed on the Indoor Rental LED Display, they can obtain richer information than the salesperson dictates, and customers can view more related sales products, so that Customers buy more items.

Filled up with goods shelves display screen

Features of shelf screen:

  1. Universal installation structure, suitable for supermarket/store/warehouse shelf screen installation;
  2. A new protective panel is added, no tool maintenance is required, and protective covers are added on both sides to prevent damage to the light panel during transportation and handling;
  3. Asynchronous/synchronous control, rich plug-and-play sockets, easy to replace the playback content;
  4. The wire buckle is beneficial to prevent the loose wire and ensure the stability of the product

The shelf LED high-definition display is the latest product independently developed and produced by JYLED. Its main function is to control the terminal through remote encryption. No matter where you are, just a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer can control all the terminals through the corresponding information release system. , Compared with the traditional LCD screen, the strip LCD screen can be customized according to the size of the shelf, perfectly integrated with the shelf without occupying the original product display space, with high definition, high luminous efficiency, high color saturation, etc. Features, and can provide products with different brightness according to the customer’s use environment.

The shelf LED high-definition display screen uses imported aluminum substrates for supermarket shelves, which has a large effect of absorbing and dissipating heat, minimizing the light decay of 3D LED Display lights. The influence of the heat of the backlight source on the liquid crystal substrate is minimized, achieving energy saving, long life, effective energy saving, and a lighter and thinner product. Equipped with a light-sensing automatic controller to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment, so that the screen image can achieve the best visual effect, and at the same time, it also achieves energy saving and extremely low aging of product components.

The shelf LED high-definition display has ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio, the color display is more saturated and bright, the visual effect is more three-dimensional and realistic, the ultra-fast response time, the unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology enhance the visual performance under dynamic pictures. It can meet the requirements of fast startup and clear image display in low temperature environment, and it can operate all day long in natural environment temperature, which is very suitable for indoor and outdoor display needs.

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