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What are the prices of scoreboards?

Scoreboards are the main way to help spectators understand live events in the most intuitive way. If there is no scoreboard, you may not remember what stage the game has reached. Perhaps, in addition to the event, you may also be curious about the price of scoreboards in various venues, so let’s take a look together.

Competition Score Management Server
Competition Score Management Server

What is a scoreboard?

For sports enthusiasts, scoreboards should not be unfamiliar. We can usually see various scoreboards in venues. It is in the shape of a large rectangular frame, which records the current score. Some scoreboards may also display information such as date and time.

If you are a stadium planner or plan to build a stadium, and want to buy a scoreboard to install in the stadium, what factors will affect its price.

Digital Scoreboard
Digital Scoreboard

What are the important factors affecting scoreboard prices?

We consulted several major scoreboard manufacturers and summarized several important factors that will affect the price of scoreboards. Let’s take a look.

Scoreboard Size

No matter what product it is, the price will naturally be different if the size is different. After all, larger scoreboards require more materials and construction costs.

Scoreboard Material

When building scoreboards in different venues, the materials used are completely different. Many government-built public stadiums or simple stadiums built by individuals usually use cheap acrylic materials with LEDs for score display, while professional stadiums use high-definition LED displays.

Compared with professional stadium LED displays, ordinary acrylic scoreboards are easier to make and have a short service life, so acrylic scoreboards are much cheaper.

Scoreboard Function

The scoreboard is a very flexible stadium application. It can be customized according to the functions we want to achieve. In addition to the most basic score records, time display, game playback and other functions can also be added. The more functions, the higher the corresponding cost.

Scoreboard Installation

If we pay close attention, we will find that the installation position of the scoreboard is not fixed. Some are installed on the wall of the venue, and some are suspended in the air. This requires flexible design according to the size, location and audience perspective of the venue.

Different installation methods cost completely different manpower and material resources. For example, the steps of hanging scoreboards are usually more complicated than those of wall-mounted scoreboards, so the price is naturally much higher.

In addition to the above-mentioned key factors affecting scoreboards, there may be other factors affecting scoreboards, such as transportation costs, time costs and labor costs during installation.

Common types and prices of scoreboards

As an indispensable part of sports events, scoreboards can be seen in various specific sports events. The following are scoreboards for some popular sports events.

Football scoreboards

Football scoreboards provide clear and bright numbers and letters, allowing people to clearly see various information on the football field at any position on the field, such as the score, current time, ball possession, etc.

How much does a football scoreboard price?

Because there are many factors affecting football scoreboards, it has a floating range. The price of most football scoreboards is between US$25,000 and US$550,000. If it is a branded football scoreboard, it may be much higher than this range.

Basketball scoreboard

Basketball games need to record many details, such as the number of free throws, the number of fouls, the score, and the remaining time. Therefore, basketball scoreboards usually have two types: simple scoreboards and LED scoreboards. The most common is the large LED scoreboard used for professional games.

Basketball Scoreboard
Basketball Scoreboard

How much does a basketball scoreboard price?

If you choose a simple scoreboard, the price is usually $300-$500. Simple scoreboards are usually made of acrylic materials, with relatively simple functions and relatively cheap prices. Another type of LED scoreboard is much more expensive. Depending on the size, the average price of an LED scoreboard is between $7000 and $20000. If it is a larger LED scoreboard, then three million to five million is normal.

Volleyball scoreboard

Volleyball scoreboards usually have simpler functions, mainly displaying scores, timeouts and other information.

How much does a volleyball scoreboard price?

Because there are not as many functions as football scoreboards and basketball scoreboards, the price is relatively much cheaper. Depending on the frame material used for the volleyball scoreboard, the price is usually between $1000 and $3000.

Swimming pool scoreboard

A swimming pool scoreboard is a digital and intelligent display that can flexibly switch display information according to the competition situation. When the contestants are in the swimming competition, the whole process records the performance of the contestants; when the contestants finish the competition, it switches to the existing score situation.

How much does a swimming scoreboard price?

Depending on the model and size of the swimming scoreboard, the price of the swimming scoreboard ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

Ice hockey scoreboard

Similar to most scoreboards, ice hockey scoreboards are mainly used to count various data, such as the number of goals scored by both sides, the game time, etc. Ice hockey scoreboards usually have two different types: wall-mounted and centrally hung.

How much does an ice hockey scoreboard price?

Ice hockey activities are usually carried out in a low temperature environment, so the scoreboard is required to have a certain degree of cold resistance. Ordinary scoreboards usually cannot meet this requirement. Digital scoreboards need to be made of cold-resistant materials, so the price is slightly higher than the scoreboards in some venues. The price of an ice hockey scoreboard is between $10,000 and $150,000.

Curling scoreboard

Curling is a throwing competition on ice. Similar to ice hockey scoreboards, curling scoreboards also have requirements for the cold resistance of materials.

How much does a curling scoreboard price?

Generally speaking, scoreboards that can be used on ice hockey can also be used on curling. Therefore, for the price, we can refer to the price of ice hockey scoreboards introduced above.

Baseball scoreboard

The scoring method of baseball is much more complicated than that of other sports events. The baseball scoreboard uses the offense and defense of each team as the scoring standard. Each team’s offense and defense is one inning, and it takes 9 consecutive games.

Only when the score difference between the two sides is too large can the game end early. If the difference is more than 10 points and less than 15 points, the game can be ended in 7 innings; if the difference between the two sides is 15 points or more, the game can be ended in 5 innings.

How much does a baseball scoreboard price?

The complex calculation method requires the use of a smarter scoreboard, so the price is not cheap. The price of a baseball scoreboard ranges from $12,000 to $180,000.


In short, as an indispensable item in sports games, the correct selection of the type and size of the scoreboard can not only allow fans to intuitively understand the game situation, but also allow fans to have a better experience.

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