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The Impact of the 2026 FIFA World Cup on Surrounding Scenes

Recently, with the popularity of the 2024 European Football Championship, some countries with opposite time differences from Europe often need to stay up all night to watch.

Even so, it can’t extinguish the fans’ enthusiasm for watching, which shows the influence of FIFA events on people.

The impact of holding such a grand event on the surrounding scenes is very large. If we pay a little attention, we will find that many advertisers have already started to lay out and invest a lot of money to transform and upgrade existing scenes and facilities in the past few years.

In another two years, the World Cup will usher in a climax. Taking advantage of this gap, advertisers have enough time to seize the opportunity to transform. Next, we list some surrounding scenes that may be affected by the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The impact of the 2026 FIFA World Cup on surrounding scenes


LED Display Installed At Beijing Daxing International Airport
LED Display Installed At Beijing Daxing International Airport

Since the 2026 FIFA World Cup will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico, fans who love football will definitely choose airplanes as the fastest way to reach the venue. If we make exquisite advertisements that meet user needs at several major landing airports, the eyes of passengers landing at the airport can be attracted by the advertisements on the screen at the first time, to achieve precise marketing and promote sales.

TV station

TV Station Transformed By LED Display
TV Station Transformed By LED Display

Whenever the World Cup is held, it always occupies the prime time of major TV stations. If you want to stand out among many TV stations, then a clear and large-screen display is essential.

Like the last Qatar World Cup, Al Arabi TV upgraded the original TV station. The renovated Al Arabi TV can not only provide viewers with high-definition and intuitive events, but also achieve immersive playback effects. Therefore, its ratings have soared from the original 2% to 23%, becoming the highest-rated TV station in Qatar.


Tianjin Residents Watch The 2024 European Cup Event On The Italian Style Street
Tianjin Residents Watch The 2024 European Cup Event On The Italian Style Street

Restaurants are not only places to taste delicacies, but also the main place for gatherings and discussions. Under the popular IP of the World Cup, it is inevitable to provide diners with a large display that is highly ornamental. At this time, the role of LED display screens is highlighted.

LED display screens can not only flexibly adjust the size according to the size of the restaurant, but also broadcast sports events in real time. In this way, diners can talk about related football events while tasting delicious food, which is a win-win situation.


Video Is Being Played In The Hotel's Large Conference Hall
Video Is Being Played In The Hotel’s Large Conference Hall

Every time the World Cup is held, many people from all over the world will flock to local hotels. The hotel rooms will be sold out. This is also the best time to cooperate with other advertisers.

Through the various LED screens of hoteliers, we can better display advertisements to customers who come to stay in the hotel, so as to achieve good results.

If we pay more attention, we will find that the more advanced the hotel, the more LED screens it has. LED screens can not only conveniently display advertisements to customers, but also transform many bland places to make them dynamic and interesting.

In addition, some hotels have some large conference halls, which are convenient for event organizers to organize speeches or watch performances.

Before the arrival of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, hotels should make plans as early as possible and negotiate related work with advertisers to achieve the best benefits.


Fans Watch Sporting Events At The Bar
Fans Watch Sporting Events At The Bar

In addition to hotels, some bars are also a good place to watch the World Cup. Many bar owners will use high-definition large-screen LED screens for transformation in order to allow fans to experience a better viewing angle.

According to data from Meituan, a Chinese technology company, in June 2024, the search volume for keywords related to the “European Cup” on the platform increased by about 4 times month-on-month, among which the search volume for “European Cup Bar” increased by 3.5 times month-on-month.

It can be seen that bars are also a good place for many fans to watch football. It is recommended that bar owners make arrangements in advance to welcome the 2026 FIFA World Cup two years later.


For street lamps placed on the streets, we can use LED screens to create smart cities, so that fans who come to watch the World Cup will be amazed. Ordinary street lamps have a single function and are usually only used for lighting or shooting some illegal images, so their role is relatively limited.

When we replace the traditional lamp poles with lamp pole LED screens, it can integrate many intelligent functions, such as playing the latest World Cup game clips in batches, detecting road conditions, etc., and can also be combined with car computers to assist autonomous driving vehicles, thereby reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents.


This article introduces some surrounding scenes that are popular with the 2024 Football Cup. Facing the upcoming 2026 World Cup, we should seize the opportunity to improve and upgrade as soon as possible.

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