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Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED Sign

Outdoor LED sign is a highly practical and common type of signage in daily life. It features a standard iron cabinet frame on the outside and high waterproof, high-brightness outdoor LED modules on the inside, capable of long-term operation outdoors.

Various Types of LED Sign

Graphic Show School Sign

This type of LED sign is used in schools to convey information to parents and introduce relevant school information.

Programmable LED Signs Outdoor

Specifically designed for displaying various commercial advertisements. It can play high-definition promotional videos and exciting advertisements.

Programmable LED Signs For Business

Programmable LED sign allows you to edit any content and display the edited content.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage

This is an outdoor digital signage that can be fixedly installed or moved, and can be seen on some platforms or stations.

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Advantages of Outdoor LED Sign

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Modular Splicing

To simplify the operation process, JYLED uses a modular design scheme, greatly reducing the time for splicing and making outdoor LED sign easier and faster to complete.

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Higher Brightness

Due to the larger pixel pitch of outdoor LED sign (usually 8mm or 10mm), it has higher brightness. Even when exposed to sunlight, it does not affect the display.

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Superior Components

Compared with LCD, the brightness, contrast and gray scale of 4K LED screen are higher than those of LCD or projection, so it can completely replace LCD for image display.

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Outdoor LED sign is protected by coated steel plates externally, with waterproof rings and three-proof paint protecting the LED modules internally. Therefore, even with long-term outdoor use, there is no need to worry about erosion from wind and rain.

Industry-Leading JYLED Creates High-Quality Outdoor LED Sign

JYLED is a leading manufacturer of outdoor LED sign, with an outstanding sales team to help you design high-quality engineering solutions and a group of excellent technical engineers ready to serve you.

If you encounter any problems during use, you can contact us directly. JYLED ensures that you can buy with confidence, use with comfort, and have the most enjoyable shopping experience.

Industry Leading JYLED Creates High Quality Outdoor LED Sign
Obtain An Outdoor LED Sign With Zero Failures

Obtain an Outdoor LED Sign with Zero Failures

JYLED outdoor LED signs pay attention to every detail, undergo multiple rigorous tests and certifications to ensure that the product you receive has no faults.

Many customers who have purchased JYLED outdoor LED signage have said: JYLED not only has fine workmanship but also affordable prices, saving us a lot of time and money.

Let Outdoor LED Sign Provide You with the Best Advertising Effect

Outdoor LED sign has unparalleled advantages in commercial advertising playback and brand promotion due to its high visibility and long observation distance.

Due to the strong ornamental nature of outdoor LED signage and its placement at very high locations, it easily forms a highly attractive digital marketing form, which is an important way for companies to achieve brand exposure and commercial promotion.

Let Outdoor LED Sign Provide You With The Best Advertising Effect
Do you handle transportation and installation of outdoor LED sign?

We handle product transportation but do not handle installation. If you need our company to dispatch personnel to provide installation guidance, we can discuss it, but additional charges may apply.

Can I install outdoor LED sign by myself?

Yes, the vast majority of customers can install it themselves. However, if you encounter any problems during installation, we will assist you fully.

Is there an additional charge for the software to control outdoor LED sign?

There is no charge for the software to control the content updates of outdoor LED sign. This allows you to update information through the software at any time.

Can I control the content updates of outdoor LED sign with a mobile phone?

Yes, you can update outdoor LED sign through the software on your mobile phone.

Is the brightness of outdoor LED sign manually controlled?

We can install light sensors to allow outdoor LED sign to automatically adjust brightness according to changes in light.

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